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Omega One

A + Omega for Healthy Brain, Spine and Eyes

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  • 4.5 out of 5 (63)

Omega and vitamin E are a powerful combination of nutrients. Think of omega as the foundation for mental health and vitamin E as a booster for hair, skin, and nails. We sourced the purest form of omega keeping in mind pregnant women. So, it is absolutely clean, has no side effects, and is absorbed better by the body. Because you deserve only the best.

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Priyanka P.

Nah, not worth buying at all! Doesn't seem to be doing anything.

Kirti S.
Talk to a doctor before buying

Consult doc before taking. I did not see any results until now.

Mona T.
Wouldn't recommend

Not working for me, I wouldn't recommend.

Kusum B.
Suggestion needed

Can I take 2 per day to see good results? Please suggest

Nikita M.
No results yet

I am having Eyesight issues since a long time and started taking these as a supplement as it said they're good for eyes, spine and brain. But no good results yet

Preshita C.
Skin & Hair problems exist

A very handy product, easy to consume too. But does this actually work for skin and hair? My hairfall problems and acne still exists

Nitika R.
Neutral so far

Feeling neutral about it so far. No major difference as such in anything yet. Leme try continuing for another month and see! Full marks on the packaging though

Charu N.

Product quality is good, slightly overpriced.

Indira K.
Good so far

Good product, yet to see results

Kusum S.
No side effects

I am 4 months pregnant and saw this ad on Facebook. First thing I did was to read reviews, then I consulted their doctor for free online and then I was confident to try it out. No side effects so far.

Fatima R.
Yet to see results

Helped clear up my acne. It also made me slightly stronger I feel, but Im yet to see full results. Will share detailed review in a month's time

Lata J.
Good buy

Nice supplement for women :) Good buy

Komal R.
So so good!

This is all things good! Omega DHA is essential for good health, brain, spine and eyes! Vitamin E for hair, skin and nails. We women tend to start seeing issues across these as we age and this is a perfect solution for that

Nishita N.
Love them

Easy to consume, tastes good, and reasonably priced. What's not to love?

Aarti J.
Good supplements for women

Good decision I took in recent times. Omega DHA and Vitamin E supplement is needed for us women to get smarter and fitter as we grow old.

Parminder V.
Good product

A new brand in the market, but seems like a good one. Recently ordered this one for overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Checkout Modern Women who used Omega One.

Our Motto is Clean Nutrition

We worked to create vitamins with the right ingredients, correct dosages, and best forms. All our vitamins are clean, safe, and effective.

Omega DHA
425 Mg

It is the core for all brain, spine and eyes. It's deficiency can impact mental performance and lead to poor vision. We used the cleanest form of omega DHA for safety.

Vitamin E
5 Mg

It helps in the absorption of nutrients by the body, particularly calcium. 29% of women in india have a deficiency of E. We used top-grade alpha-tocopherol for greater absorption.

Our Capsules are Smarter

Easy to Swallow
No Bitter Taste
Fresh Lemon Smell
No More Nausea
Superior Absorption
100% Vegetarian
Do you need vitamins to support your pregnancy?
Do you need vitamins to support your pregnancy?

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Want to check directly with a doctor or nutritionist?
Want to check directly with a doctor or nutritionist?

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Who is it for?

We made this specially for women who want to stay sharp as they get older

It is also recommended for all pregnant women who want to make sure their baby is healthy and smart.

How to use?

Each capsule is packed with the goodness of all the nutrients you need in a day for good mental health or a healthy pregnancy. .

30 Capsules per bottle

Take every day 1 capsule

Take any time of day or night

Take with meal and water

Take everyday and make it a habit

How it works?

Bridges any Gaps in Diet and Nutrition

Sharpens the Brain, Spine and Eyes

Avoids all Omega related Conditions

Nutritionist Recommended

Dr. Anurupa Bose

Chief Nutritionist
PHD Food Science and Nutrition
8 + Years Experience
Cloudnine Hospitals, Sakra World Hospitals, Medica World Hospitals
"Omega DHA is very important during pregnancy. Pregnant women need omega to support fast-growing brain of the baby. Omega is also important for 30 + women to stay sharp as they age. So, It is good to take a omega supplement. "

Why take it?

Clear Facts

Our lifestyle is the root cause for most diseases. However, taking vitamins can help reduce the risk of such conditions.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, poor sleep, high stress are all factors that impact your body's ability to function correctly and produce necessary Nutrients

Unhealthy Diet

It is hard to always eat the right foods and the correct portion of such foods. This makes it hard to meet the nutritional needs of your body in a natural way.

Early Action

Preventative care is better than treatment. Taking vitamins can help combat a bad lifestyle. It can also help avoid expensive hospital bills and unwanted outcomes in the future.

Why choose hera?

We want you to be empowered

Our team is committed to get you verified, fresh and easy to learn Information. Checkout Herapedia

7 x Better Solution

Our products are not ayurveda or naturals. They are however based on the principle of clean nutrition and 100% safe.

We want you to ask questions

Our team of doctors, nutritionists and healthcare experts will help you find the answers.

We are a women's health company. We make products just for women based on their goals. We have products for intimacy, fertility, pregnancy maternity and general health.

Our products are tested and certified. They have no side effects and 100% safe. If you want, contact us and we will share the reports.

Our products are simple nutrients and vitamins. They come under food industry. You do not need a doctors permission to take the products.

Our customers get a lot of benefits along with the products. You will get weekly health tips, daily reminders on taking your vitamins, and unlimited chats with doctor and nutritionists. You can then ask them whatever questions you might have regarding the product or your problem.

Our products are dispatched the same day that you place the order. You will receive it in 3-7 working days from date of delivery. You will also get regular SMS on you order status. You can also track your order in real time from our website.

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Omega One