Omega One
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Omega One

A + Omega for Healthy Brain, Spine and Eyes

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  • 4.5 out of 5 (63)

Omega and vitamin E are a powerful combination of nutrients. Think of omega as the foundation for mental health and vitamin E as a booster for hair, skin, and nails. We sourced the purest form of omega keeping in mind pregnant women. So, it is absolutely clean, has no side effects, and is absorbed better by the body. Because you deserve only the best.

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Omega One


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Omega and vitamin E are a powerful combination of nutrients. Think of omega as the foundation for mental health and vitamin E as a booster for hair, skin, and nails. We sourced the purest form of omega keeping in mind pregnant women.

So, it is absolutely clean, has no side effects, and is absorbed better by the body. Because you deserve only the best.

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Approved by Nutritionists
Anurupa Bose

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Customer Reviews
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Aditya R.
Yes it did help. Thank you!

It's nice so far, yet to complete one month course.

Indira K.
Good so far

Good product, yet to see results

Aarti A.
Good so far

Perfect solution for women who are pregnant. We all want our babies to be sharp and smart and this helps with that. Just 1 pill a day and we're good to go!

Naina S.
All rounder

I like this supplement because of its benefits for eyes, brain and spine as they say. This brand really made womens health simple. I like the packaging also a lot. I can store these boxes for future use :)

Vimala B.
Good for baby

Hi friends, this vitamins are really good. Please take them if you're pregnant. They help for you and the baby's growth.

Neha I.
Love them

Much needed ones for pregnant women. I take these along with the prenatal multivitamin as suggested by their nutritionist and its helping me

Fatima S.
Good for pregnancy

I recently conceived and due to my unhealthy lifestyle, my doc recommended that I take Omega DHA supplements along with Vitamin E and this is a dream come true for me, coz it has both.

Ananya N.
Doctor recommended for pregnant women

Doctor recommended for pregnant women

Jiya G.
Doctor recommended for pregnant women

They say Omega DHA deficiency is quite common in women and it might actually lead to problems in the foetus if not taken in adequate quantities. That's when I decided to take these after going through the ingredients and reviews carefully. Also consulted my doctor and she gave a go ahead too.

Veena S.
Overall a good product

Omega DHA has so many benefits. My doc told me it helps in overall health of our body, physical and mental. And we women need it for better eyes, brand and spine for all the work we do on a daily basis

Radha C.
Good for eyes

Best part about these is that I feel that Im becoming smarter by the day and my eye sight has also improved

Radha R.

Lovely product. I like it.

Charu J.

Its difficult to find all the vitamins and nutrients you need in one capsule. Hera made that possible with this one. They curated the best ingredients to put together Omega One capsules for us women to support our pregnancy journey

Urmila G.
Smarter me and baby

Little did I know that taking just 1 capsule a day makes not just me, but my baby also smarter and sharper. Wonderful product from Hera. Omega One is needed for all women, especially pregnant women

Richa G.
Best Womens Multivitamin

Supplements are really good and even much better and innovative than others.. For every needs of women so many types.. Highly appreciate the quality and nutrition of Hera..

Kusum S.
No side effects

I am 4 months pregnant and saw this ad on Facebook. First thing I did was to read reviews, then I consulted their doctor for free online and then I was confident to try it out. No side effects so far.

Checkout Modern Women who used Omega One.

Nutritional Facts

We keep it clean, safe and effective

Omega DHA
425 Mg

The lack of Omega DHA can cause vision problems and impact your mental performance. Our Omega One capsule includes the cleanest form of Omega DHA that keeps your brain, spine, and eyes functioning at their best.

Vitamin E
5 Mg

Did you know that almost 29% of Indian women face Vitamin E deficiency? Omega One contains top-grade alpha-tocopherol, which properly absorbs other nutrients in the body, especially calcium.

Better Capsules for a Better You

Easy to Swallow
No Aftertaste
Lemon Smell
No More Nausea
Greater Absorption
100% Vegetarian
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Do you need vitamins to support your pregnancy?

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Who is it for?

We made this specially for women who want to stay sharp as they get older

It is also recommended for all pregnant women who want to make sure their baby is healthy and smart.

Easy To Take

Each capsule is packed with the right nutrients needed for your daily health and pregnancy.

30 Capsules per Bottle

Take 1 Capsule Daily

Take anytime of Day or Night

Take with Meal and Water

Take regularly or throughout Pregnancy

How it works?

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Bridges any Gaps in Diet and Nutrition

Sharpens the Brain, Spine and Eyes

Avoids all Omega related Conditions

Nutritionist Recommended

Dr. Anurupa Bose

Chief Nutritionist
PHD Food Science and Nutrition
8 + Years Experience
Cloudnine Hospitals, Sakra World Hospitals, Medica World Hospitals
"Omega DHA is very important during pregnancy. Pregnant women need omega to support fast-growing brain of the baby. Omega is also important for 30 + women to stay sharp as they age. So, It is good to take a omega supplement. "

Why take it?

Clear Facts

Our lifestyle is the root cause for most diseases. However, taking vitamins can help reduce the risk of such conditions.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, poor sleep, high stress are all factors that impact your body's ability to function correctly and produce necessary Nutrients

Unhealthy Diet

It is hard to always eat the right foods and the correct portion of such foods. This makes it hard to meet the nutritional needs of your body in a natural way.

Early Action

Preventative care is better than treatment. Taking vitamins can help combat a bad lifestyle. It can also help avoid expensive hospital bills and unwanted outcomes in the future.

Why choose hera?

We want you to be empowered

Our team is committed to get you verified, fresh and easy to learn Information. Checkout Herapedia

10 x Better

We only offer clean solutions with 100% safe ingredients. Checkout how our products add up to deliver more than ayurveda and other supplements.

You got Questions. We got Answers.

Our team of doctors, nutritionists and scientists will help you find what you need.

Our products are NOT Medicines. They are simple Nutrition Supplements made of everyday Nutrients that exist in your Body. Nutrients such as Vitamins and Minerals are the building blocks of your Body. They are required by your Body in specific combinations and dosages to carry out Bodily Functions and maintain Health. Not having the correct Nutrients can lead to Health Problems. Taking Nutrition Supplements can help Bridge the Gaps in your Diet and Provide the Correct Nutrients for your Body to Function and be Healthy.

Our products are made of everyday Nutrients that exist in the Body. So, They do not have any Side Effects. In fact, All the Ingredients are backed by Science, trusted by Doctors and traced to the Source. The Final Products are also Tested for Toxins both Inhouse and by 3rd Party Labs. So, Taking them is absolutely Safe!

Our products are made of everyday Nutrients that are present in Fruits and Vegetables. These Nutrients are extracted in a Lab from such Natural Sources. The Lab is GMP Certified and adheres to Global Food Manufacturing Practices. The Lab is also FSSAI Certified and adheres to Indian Food Safety Standards.

Yes, Of Course! There are many Clinical Trials and Research Papers that show that the Ingredients used in our Products provide the mentioned Benefits. We can send you these Publications on Request. Just get in touch with our Customer Support. Additionally, Over 85 % of our own Customers have reported real Results.

In India we get 3 Grades of Nutrients - US Grade, British Grade and Indian Grade. The Grade of the Nutrients directly impacts its Absorption. Most Brands and Manufacturers in the market use Indian Grade Nutrients in their Nutrition Supplements. Indian Grade Nutrients are Cheaper but also have lower Absorption. We use US Grade Ingredients which are better Ingredients, have better Absorption and lead to better Results.

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