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Let’s meet you at your healthiest best

It’s time for women’s healthcare to come out of the closet and become a part of mainstream conversation. We’re helping make it friendlier and more accessible through a simple click.

We built Hera for you

How can we make healthcare simpler, more effective, and a lot more fun, for as many women as possible? That’s what we ask ourselves each day. That’s why you’re here, knowing a little more about us.

We’re a platform that offers clean products, health checks, and follow-up care in one place – inspiring you to take charge of your own health. What’s more, we do not shy away from talking about sensitive topics that women, and we, care about.

Start the conversation

We know how hard it can be to have conversations around topics like periods, sexual intimacy, infertility, pregnancy, and menopause, to name a few. So, we are creating a safe space where women can talk about all things health, share experiences and access fact-checked, easy-to-understand information.

Access in your time

We help you talk about your troubling issues to our specialists from the privacy and comfort of your home. No more finding the right time to visit the gynaecologist or delaying treatment.

Your space, your privacy

Lack of information and the shame attached to so many issues when it comes to women’s health often leads to delay or completely avoiding visits to gynecologists or doctors. We will help you take that first step - of addressing common, troubling issues from the privacy and comfort of your home.

Prevention is often the cure

Taking care of yourself today can help avoid expensive hospital bills and unwanted health outcomes in the future. Our products are designed towards preventive measures, which you can learn more about with help from our experts.

Meet our Team

People can’t back women’s health until they haven’t experienced it themselves or have witnessed a loved one dealing with health problems. We know what it takes and so we put our best foot forward to bring solutions to problems faced by millions of real women.

A heart-to-heart from our founder

Hello Hera!

Tips from qualified specialists, plans for good nutrition, exciting product offers… our newsletter is a fun destination for everything you love. Made with proven science, care and love, by women, for women. ❤

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