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Take charge of your health today.

Our goal is to make women's healthcare more approachable through a friendly conversation and more accessible through a simple click.

Why we build Hera?

We believe that women's healthcare is often complicated or ignored. So, we build a platform that offers health checks, clean products, and follow-up care all in one stop.

We also chose to cover sensitive and important topics such as intimacy, fertility, pregnancy, maternity, and mental health.

Breaking Cultural Taboo

No more hushed whispers! We are here to lead the conversation about intimacy, fertility, pregnancy, and maternity. Our goal is to get you informed and empowered.

Bridging Health System

Top medical care is often limited to metros or subject to long lines at hospitals and clinics. We help you access trusted and credible experts at your convenience and your own time.

Easing Personal Health

Uncomfortable topics have us avoid visits to the gynecologists and delay treatment. We help you address common and troubling issues from the privacy and comfort of your home.

Prioritizing Future Health

Preventive care is better than treatment. Taking care of yourself today can help avoid expensive hospital bills and unwanted health outcomes in the future.

Meet our Team

Each of our members has personally experienced or has a mother, sister, wife, or daughter who has experienced problems related to health. This motivates us to find solutions to problems faced by millions of real women.

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