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We follow-up to help you stay on track.

Our members will enjoy weekly tips on health, daily reminders on pills, and unlimited chats with in-house doctors and nutritionists. They will be guided by our team of agents.

How can you use our Care Agents?

We trained our care team to guide you in a friendly and thoughtful way. All you need to do is get in touch with your order number.

Our agents will help you activate your benefits and achieve your goals. Remember good health is all about simple, but sticky lifestyle changes.

Weekly Health Tips

We work with doctors and nutritionists to send you weekly health tips on diet, exercise, and sleep based on your goals. All our information is fresh, verified, and easy-to-read.

Daily Vitamin Reminders

We know that it hard to remembers to take your vitamins. So, we send you a calendar card to help track your intake. We also send you daily messages to remind you to take your vitamins.

Unlimited Nutritionist Chats

We will dedicate a doctor or nutritionist to you when you purchase a product. You can chat with them anytime and get personalized treatment or lifestyle plans.

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