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Folate First

Your Pregnancy Shield from Birth Complications

During Pregnancy, extra care & nutrition is needed. Folate First works to prevent abnormalities and birth defects in your child.

Folate First


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During Pregnancy, extra care & nutrition is needed. Folate First works to prevent abnormalities and birth defects in your child.

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Who is it for?

Stay ahead of miscarriages, delivery complications, or other unwanted outcomes of pregnancy, with Folate First.

Better Capsules for a Better You

Small Capsules, Large Benefits

For Stronger Cells, Organs & Systems

If you don't get enough folate in your body, you'll feel sluggish and depleted. Folate is a necessary nutrient for the formation of red blood cells and the transport of oxygen to your entire body system.

Prevents Serious Birth Defects

As a result, it's critical to monitor your folate levels. Folate is essential for your baby's development since it prevents congenital abnormalities and neural tube problems like spina bifida.

Increased Blood Flow

Iron supplementation can help enhance blood flow and avoid iron deficiency anemia. Iron is required by pregnant women to feed blood to the growing baby and placenta, as well as to enhance maternal red cell mass.

Supports Baby’s Growth

During pregnancy, your body is known to need iron to make more blood for you and your baby. Iron is necessary for the formation of new red blood cells, which transport oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

Expert Advice

We work with Top Experts including Scientists, Doctors and Nutritionists, who guide our Product Innovation.

Let our Results, Speak for Us

We asked 100 Women from Hera's Circle about their Experience and Here are the Reasons why they Chose Us


said they had no Miscarriages and a Full Term Pregnancy


said they had a Healthy Baby with no Birth Defects


said they had a Safe, Smooth and Natural Delivery


got rid of Anemia and had better Energy Levels

Real Women. Real Stories.

Customer Reviews
4.3 Based on 110 Reviews
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Nandini S.

I am so happy

I use this daily in my prenatal vitamin and have noticed a big difference in my mood and energy levels. I am a vegetarian and trying to get my folate levels up can be tricky because of the lack of folate in some foods. So, I was thrilled to find this supplement that I can take to help get my levels up. I also love that it has iron for baby's oxygen supply. I am so happy to have found this product.

Vineeta S.

Supports baby growth

I've been taking this for several days now and I'm very happy with it. I feel like I'm doing something important to support my baby's growth and development. The customer service is also excellent. I feel like Folate First cares about my baby and me.

Avantika K.

Giving best to my baby

I am pregnant and can't seem to find high-quality Folate without the extra ingredients that I don't want for my baby. I was doing my research and found this product and it is exactly what I was looking for and more. It's all-natural and I love the fact that there is no added fillers or preservatives. I feel like I am getting the total nutrition my baby needs and I know that I am giving the best to my baby.

Shweta C.

Thank you

I have been taking this for my third pregnancy. I am so happy I did! I have so much energy, my skin looks amazing, I haven't had heartburn, I haven't had any major complications this time around. Thank you for making this product!!

Ananya C.

Worth a try

I have been taking prenatal vitamins for years now and they're all the same. I found out about this product through my friend (and she swears by it) and I think it's quite interesting that they're selling 2 in 1 prenatal vitamins! Mind you, I'm not pregnant yet but I think it's worth a try. I've been taking these vitamins for about a week now and I like it. :)

Rohini S.

A lot more relaxed

First of all, thank you so much for the gift of a free bottle of Folate First. This is a great gift for pregnant women who care about not only their own health, but the health of their baby as well. I have been taking Folate First for a few weeks now and I have to say that I have really noticed a difference in my mood. I have been less anxious and a lot more relaxed. I had a lot of trouble sleeping before taking Folate First, but now I am sleeping much better. I have been taking the capsules at night, but you can also take them in the morning or any time of day.

Zeenat D.

I'M gald i found this!

I'M gald i found this I was looking for a folate supplement for my pregnancy and I found this. Folate First is a folate supplement specifically for pregnant women. Unlike other folate supplements, this one is made from top-grade folate that is clean, has no side effects and is absorbed better by the body. I’m glad I found this!

Yasmin W.

I tried it

I was skeptical about taking a new supplement and was leery that it would be safe for me and baby. I also wasn’t sure it would even be absorbed well by my body. I was directed to this product on Amazon and I am so happy I tried it. It is exactly as advertised. It’s clean and has no side effects.

Julie I.

Great throughout pregnancy

I love this product. I have been taking it regularly since my first trimester. I have not had any morning sickness, but I have had the normal pregnancy fatigue. I feel great throughout my pregnancy, and I am sure that it is because of this product. I have recommended it to my mother-in-law, who is also pregnant, and she has started taking it too.

Jasmin D.

Effective supplement

I was looking for an effective vitamin that will give me all the nutrients I need for my baby's first trimester and this is it! The formula is clinically proven to help my baby grow and develop properly, it's easy on my stomach, and I like that it has folate instead of folic acid like other products on the market. Since this is pregnancy, I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to give my baby the best start to life, and with Folate First, that's exactly what I'm doing!

Kamini R.

Proper development

My husband and I tried Folate First's prenatal supplement during our second pregnancy. We wanted to ensure that our baby gets all the nutrients it needs for proper development.

Tanuja S.

Doing great

This is the only prenatal vitamin I’ve used that did not leave me feeling nauseous or affected by the side effects. It’s the only one I’ve seen my Doctor tell me I’m doing great on. It’s the only one that has the right amounts of folate necessary for growing a healthy baby. I’ve recommended it to my Mother, friends, and family. It’s the only one I take.

Devika V.

Really surprised

I was really surprised when I got this product. I wasn't really expecting anything, but when I got this, I was really surprised because it's different from the other vitamins I've tried. It has everything my baby needs and then some. And it's really easy to swallow. I would really recommend this product to anyone who is expecting or planning to get pregnant.

Pooja S.

Best nutrition

I am pregnant and I really want to provide my baby with the best nutrition and health. I read about folate and I started to use this product to complement my prenatal vitamins. It is really easy to use and it doesn't have any side effects. I take it twice a day and I feel so much better and relaxed.

Sunita S.

easy to swallow

Only a month in and my baby's growth and development is so robust and healthy. I'm so grateful for the support I've had from my doctor and this prenatal vitamin. I love that it's all-natural and has no side effects. I also love the packaging and the fact that it's very easy to swallow.

Chhavi R.

Doctor recommended product

My doctor recommended this to me and I am so happy that I listened. I have a friend who took this and her baby was born with a brain condition. It has been a blessing that I found this product, I have been taking this since I found out that I am pregnant and everything seems to be just perfect with my baby. This is such a peace of mind for me and I am so thankful to my doctor for recommending this.

You got Questions. We got Answers.

Our team of doctors, nutritionists and scientists will help you find what you need.

Our products are simple Nutritional Supplements and NOT Medication. So, They come under Foods and Not Drugs. Think of them as an addition to your daily Diet and Nutrition and Nothing Else! So, You do not need to talk to a Doctor before taking It.

Our products are made of everyday Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients that are present in Fruits and Vegetables. So, They are considered Natural. However, The source of the Nutrients can be Plant Based or Man Made. Either way the Nutrients are extracted based on Indian Food Safety Standards and Global Food Manufacturing Practices. So, They are 100% Safe.

Our products are made of everyday Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients that exist in the Body. So, They do not have any Side Effects. In fact, All the Ingredients are backed by Science, trusted by Doctors and traced to the Source. The Final Products are also Tested for Toxins both Inhouse and by 3rd Party Labs. So, They absolutely Safe.

Our products are made based on real Science. There are many Clinical Trials and Research Papers that show that the Ingredients used in our Products provide specified Benefits. Additionally, Over 75 % of our Customers have reported real Results. However, For guaranteed Results, you need to pair the Products with good Lifestyle Habits.

Nutrients such as Vitamins and Minerals are the building blocks of your Body. They are required by your Body in specific combinations and dosages to carry out Bodily Functions and maintain Health. Not having the correct Nutrients can lead to Health Problems. Nutritional Supplements can provide you with these necessary Nutrients. So, It is important to take such Supplements along with our Diet.

In India we get 3 Grades of Ingredients - US Grade, British Grade and Indian Grade. The Grade of the Ingredients directly impacts its Absorption. Most Brands and Manufacturers use Indian Grade Ingredients. We use US Grade Ingredients.

Supplements can come in 7 Forms - Capsules, Chewables, Gummies, Strips, Liquids, Powders and Effervescents. While Chewables, Gummies and Strips have a better Taste, The Nutrients they carry are destroyed by your Stomach Acid and do not reach your Intestines, where Nutrients are actually Absorbed. Our Delayed Release Capsules are designed to bypass the Stomach and be broken down in the Intestines. This is why most Medication is also always in format of a Capsule.

Our products are certified as Clean Label. This means that they do not include any Synthetic Colors, Synthetic Flavors, Preservatives, Additives, Genetically Modified Ingredients, Live Toxins, or Food Allergens. So, They are absolutely Clean.

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