Prenatal Multivitamin
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Prenatal Multivitamin

Folate + 7 Essential Nutrients for Healthy Baby Bump

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We know that during pregnancy, you need more nutrients to support your baby's growth and help your body adjust to changes.Every mom-to-be deserves the best care, without the cost. So, say hello to prenatal multivitamin! A simple capsule with folic acid and other key nutrients to help bridge the gaps in your diet and to nourish your baby bump.

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Prenatal Multivitamin


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We know that during pregnancy, you need more nutrients to support your baby’s growth and help your body adjust to changes.Every mom-to-be deserves the best care, without the cost. So, say hello to prenatal multivitamin!

A simple capsule with folic acid and other key nutrients to help bridge the gaps in your diet and to nourish your baby bump.

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100% Transpareny on Ingredients

We have worked to create Vitamins that are Clean, Safe and Effective. We only use Ingredients that are Backed by Research, Approved by Doctors and can be Traced to the Source.

Folic Acid
500 Mcg

This is the most important Vitamin. It helps produce DNA, which contains our genetic Code. We used top-grade methylfolate, which is the most absorbable form of folic acid.

35 Mg

Iron makes hemoglobin that carries oxygen to your tissues. During pregnancy, your body needs double the amount of iron as it needs to supply oxygen to your baby too.

Vitamin C
60 Mg

An important vitamin that builds body tissues and helps carry oxygen throughout the body and the baby for a pregnant woman, it also helps beat anemia.

Vitamin B1
1 Mg

Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamin, converts carbohydrates into energy, which impacts the overall development of your baby’s heart and cardio functions, and stimulates its brain development.

Vitamin B2
1 Mg

Riboflavin, or Vitamin B2, helps in the production of healthy blood cells and your baby’s overall development. This vitamin is essential for your baby’s muscle, bone, and nerve development.

Vitamin B12
1.2 Mcg

The lack of Vitamin B12 can lead to your baby’s underdeveloped spine and brain. The right amount of Vitamin B12 reduces birth defects and produces red blood cells.

250 Mcg

An iodine deficiency can result in the baby’s underdeveloped organs and tissues. The right amount of iodine can improve the functioning of the thyroid hormone.

12 Mg

Zinc plays an important role in your and your baby’s immunity. The right zinc intake can reduce the fear of miscarriages, fetal retardation, stillbirth, and reduce preterm births.

80 Mg

During pregnancy, it’s vital to keep a check on your magnesium levels. Magnesium reduces leg cramps in pregnant women and develops stronger bones in your baby.

Better Capsules for a Better You

Easy to Swallow
No Aftertaste
Lemon Smell
No More Nausea
Greater Absorption
100% Vegetarian
Do you need vitamins to support your pregnancy?
Do you need vitamins to support your pregnancy?

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Who is it for?

We made this specifically for Women who are Pregnant. It is recomended for all Women, no matter if they are carrying Singles, Twins or Triplets.

Easy To Take

Each capsule is packed with the right nutrients needed for you and your baby.

30 Capsules per Bottle

Take 1 Capsule Daily

Take anytime of Day or Night

Take with Meal and Water

Take throughout Pregnancy

What to Expect

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Helps your Body adjust to Change

Pregnancy introduces changes not only in your life, but also in your body. Your body requires more nutrition to adjust to hormonal changes and an expanding womb. Simply add our Prenatal Multivitamin to your daily diet and it will meet all additional nutrition requirements across trimesters.

Cares for your Baby and its Growth

Pregnancy includes looking after your own health, and also your baby’s. Your body requires right nutrients to form a full grown baby in just 9 months. Our Prenatal Multivitamin comprises all essential nutrients like Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin, D, Iodine and Zinc. So, you can rest knowing that your baby is taken care of.

Keeps your Baby Safe and Healthy

Going the distance when it comes to nutrition can really help your pregnancy. Your body requires Folate to prevent birth abnormalities and delivery complications like miscarriages, preterm birth, low birth weight. Our Prenatal Multivitamin is made of the purest form of Folate available in India. So, you can relax knowing that your baby has the best.

Nutritionist Recommended

Anurupa Bose

Chief Nutritionist
PHD Food Science and Nutrition
8 + Years Experience Cloudnine Hospitals, Sakra World Hospitals, Medica World Hospitals
"Nutrition is very important for pregnancy. Most women are unable to follow a balanced diet and even if they do eat well, It is hard for them to get all the right nutrients from food. Prenatal multivitamins bridge these gaps in nutrition and help you have a healthy pregnancy."

Why take it?

Clear Facts

Our lifestyle is the root cause for most diseases. However, taking vitamins can help reduce the risk of such conditions.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, poor sleep, high stress are all factors that impact your body's ability to function correctly and produce necessary nutrients.

Unhealthy Diet

It is hard to always eat the right foods and the correct portions of such foods. This makes it hard to meet the nutritional needs of your body in a natural way.

Early Action

Preventative care is better than treatment. Taking vitamins can help combat a bad lifestyle. It can also help avoid expensive hospital bills and unwanted outcomes in the future.

Why choose Hera

We want you to be empowered

Our team is committed to get you verified, fresh and easy to learn Information. Checkout Herapedia

10 x Better

We only offer clean solutions with 100% safe ingredients. Checkout how our products add up to deliver more than ayurveda and other supplements.

You got Questions. We got Answers.

Our team of doctors, nutritionists and scientists will help you find what you need.

Our products are NOT Medicines. They are simple Nutrition Supplements made of everyday Nutrients that exist in your Body. Nutrients such as Vitamins and Minerals are the building blocks of your Body. They are required by your Body in specific combinations and dosages to carry out Bodily Functions and maintain Health. Not having the correct Nutrients can lead to Health Problems. Taking Nutrition Supplements can help Bridge the Gaps in your Diet and Provide the Correct Nutrients for your Body to Function and be Healthy.

Our products are made of everyday Nutrients that exist in the Body. So, They do not have any Side Effects. In fact, All the Ingredients are backed by Science, trusted by Doctors and traced to the Source. The Final Products are also Tested for Toxins both Inhouse and by 3rd Party Labs. So, Taking them is absolutely Safe!

Our products are made of everyday Nutrients that are present in Fruits and Vegetables. These Nutrients are extracted in a Lab from such Natural Sources. The Lab is GMP Certified and adheres to Global Food Manufacturing Practices. The Lab is also FSSAI Certified and adheres to Indian Food Safety Standards.

Yes, Of Course! There are many Clinical Trials and Research Papers that show that the Ingredients used in our Products provide the mentioned Benefits. We can send you these Publications on Request. Just get in touch with our Customer Support. Additionally, Over 85 % of our own Customers have reported real Results.

In India we get 3 Grades of Nutrients - US Grade, British Grade and Indian Grade. The Grade of the Nutrients directly impacts its Absorption. Most Brands and Manufacturers in the market use Indian Grade Nutrients in their Nutrition Supplements. Indian Grade Nutrients are Cheaper but also have lower Absorption. We use US Grade Ingredients which are better Ingredients, have better Absorption and lead to better Results.

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Prenatal Multivitamin

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