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His Fertilife

A Tasty and Healthy Mix to help Sperm Mobility

Missing out on critical nutrients for Sperm Health? That's why you need His Fertility to bridge nutritional gaps with the goodness of Vit C, B, Zinc &COQ.

His Fertilife


Missing out on critical nutrients for Sperm Health? That’s why you need His Fertility to bridge nutritional gaps with the goodness of Vit C, B, Zinc &COQ.

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Who is it for?

If you and your Wife are trying to have a baby and you have found that you have low Sperm Mobility and Count then this Easy Drink Mix is for you.

Better Powders for a Better You

One Sip, Many Benefits

Improves Sperm Quality

It enhances sperm quality to help complete the fertilization process.

Improves Sperm Motility

It keeps sperm in optimum condition to move properly through the female reproductive tract through the water to reach the eggs.

Improves Sperm Morphology

It also helps enhance and improve the overall size and shape of the sperm.

Expert Advice

We work with Top Experts including Scientists, Doctors and Nutritionists, who guide our Product Innovation.

Let our Results, Speak for Us

We asked 20 Men from Hera's Circle about their Experience and Here are the Reasons why they Chose Us


reported an Increase in Nutrient Levels


reported an increase in Sperm Mobility


reported improvement in Sperm Quality


said their Partner was able to Conceive within 3 Months

Real Women. Real Stories.

You got Questions. We got Answers.

Our team of doctors, nutritionists and scientists will help you find what you need.

Our products are simple Nutritional Supplements and NOT Medication. So, They come under Foods and Not Drugs. Think of them as an addition to your daily Diet and Nutrition and Nothing Else! So, You do not need to talk to a Doctor before taking It.

Our products are made of everyday Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients that are present in Fruits and Vegetables. So, They are considered Natural. However, The source of the Nutrients can be Plant Based or Man Made. Either way the Nutrients are extracted based on Indian Food Safety Standards and Global Food Manufacturing Practices. So, They are 100% Safe.

Our products are made of everyday Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients that exist in the Body. So, They do not have any Side Effects. In fact, All the Ingredients are backed by Science, trusted by Doctors and traced to the Source. The Final Products are also Tested for Toxins both Inhouse and by 3rd Party Labs. So, They absolutely Safe.

Our products are made based on real Science. There are many Clinical Trials and Research Papers that show that the Ingredients used in our Products provide specified Benefits. Additionally, Over 75 % of our Customers have reported real Results. However, For guaranteed Results, you need to pair the Products with good Lifestyle Habits.

Nutrients such as Vitamins and Minerals are the building blocks of your Body. They are required by your Body in specific combinations and dosages to carry out Bodily Functions and maintain Health. Not having the correct Nutrients can lead to Health Problems. Nutritional Supplements can provide you with these necessary Nutrients. So, It is important to take such Supplements along with our Diet.

In India we get 3 Grades of Ingredients - US Grade, British Grade and Indian Grade. The Grade of the Ingredients directly impacts its Absorption. Most Brands and Manufacturers use Indian Grade Ingredients. We use US Grade Ingredients.

Supplements can come in 7 Forms - Capsules, Chewables, Gummies, Strips, Liquids, Powders and Effervescents. While Chewables, Gummies and Strips have a better Taste, The Nutrients they carry are destroyed by your Stomach Acid and do not reach your Intestines, where Nutrients are actually Absorbed. Our Delayed Release Capsules are designed to bypass the Stomach and be broken down in the Intestines. This is why most Medication is also always in format of a Capsule.

Our products are certified as Clean Label. This means that they do not include any Synthetic Colors, Synthetic Flavors, Preservatives, Additives, Genetically Modified Ingredients, Live Toxins, or Food Allergens. So, They are absolutely Clean.

We want you to be empowered

Our team is committed to get you verified, fresh and easy to learn Information. Checkout Herapedia

Want to take charge of your health?

Start with our free, intuitive and fun Health Analysis tool to help you find the right product for you

P:S It is like 30 Questions and will take less than 5 Min

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