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Your Pregnancy Plan

Pregnancy is a unique experience for every woman. Some women might experience nothing but sweet cravings, but other women might have never-ending vomitings.

Eitherway, it is important to take care of your body as it is going through many changes and get enough nutrition to support your baby’s growth.

We worked with top gynecologists and nutritionists to create a plan just for pregnant women. You can now stop worrying about the do’s and don’t and relax as we guide you through it all.

Your Pregnancy Plan Includes

Free Nutritionist Consults
  • PHD in Nutrition Science

  • 8+ Years Clinical Experience

  • Nutrition Award Winner

3 in 1 Vitamin Bundle
  • Prenatal Multivitamin

  • Calcium Core

  • Omega One

Personalised Diet Charts
  • Trimester Wise Options

  • Regional Cuisine Options

  • Veg vs Non-Veg Options

Unlimited Chat with Nutritionist
  • Whatsapp Anytime

  • Get Answers to Questions

  • Find Required Information

Your Pregnancy Pack Options

Trial Pack

1 Month Pack - 30% OFF

  • SAVE

  • PAY

Free Nutritionist Consults

3 in 1 Vitamin Bundle

Personalised Diet Charts

Unlimited Chat with Nutritionist

Value Pack

3 Month Pack - 50% OFF

  • SAVE

  • PAY

Free Nutritionist Consults

3 in 1 Vitamin Bundle

Personalised Diet Charts

Unlimited Nutritionist Chats

Saver Pack

6 Month Pack - 70% OFF

  • SAVE

  • PAY

Free Nutritionist Consults

3 in 1 Vitamin Bundle

Personalized Diet Charts

Unlimited Nutritionist Chats

Gynecologist and Nutritionist Approved

Anurupa Bose

Chief Nutritionist
PHD Food Science and Nutrition
8 + Years Experience Cloudnine Hospitals, Sakra World Hospitals, Medica World Hospitals
Most pregnant women do not get the right nutrition due to an unbalanced diet. Lack of nutrients can lead to outcomes such as miscarriages, pre-term birth, and other complications. I have reviewed hera's pregnancy plan. It is great! You are able to consult with a leading nutritionist in india. You are also able to get detailed diet charts that can be easily and instantly used to improve your pregnancy health. They also provide essential vitamins to support your diet including folic acid, iron, calcium and omega. I would recommend it to all my patients.

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Why is Nutrition Important for Pregnancy?

Clear Facts

Our lifestyle is the root cause for most diseases. However, taking vitamins can help reduce the risk of such conditions.

Unhealthy Diet

It is hard to always eat the right foods and the correct portions of such foods. This makes it hard to meet the nutritional needs of your body in a natural way.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, poor sleep, high stress are all factors that impact your body's ability to function correctly and produce necessary nutrients.

Early Action

Preventative care is better than treatment. Taking vitamins can help combat a bad lifestyle. It can also help avoid expensive hospital bills and unwanted outcomes in the future.

How are we unique?

Our products are not ayurveda or naturals. They are however based on the principle of clean nutrition and 100% safe.

Why choose Hera

We want you to ask questions

Our team of doctors, nutritionists and healthcare experts will help you find the answers.

We are a women's health company. We make products just for women based on their goals. We have products for intimacy, fertility, pregnancy maternity and general health.

Our products are tested and certified. They have no side effects and 100% safe. If you want, contact us and we will share the reports.

Our products are simple nutrients and vitamins. They come under food industry. You do not need a doctors permission to take the products.

Our customers get a lot of benefits along with the products. You will get weekly health tips, daily reminders on taking your vitamins, and unlimited chats with doctor and nutritionists. You can then ask them whatever questions you might have regarding the product or your problem.

Our products are dispatched the same day that you place the order. You will receive it in 3-7 working days from date of delivery. You will also get regular SMS on you order status. You can also track your order in real time from our website.

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